H O W   I T   W O R K S


What is Email Marketing?

Did you know, email is still No.1 for marketing according to survey statistics undertaken by Australia’s own, Host Papa. Email marketing is used to create and develop relationships with potential customers.

Optimised Email Marketing

Did you know, the majority of emails are opened on mobile devices? Well …better than ever, emails are optimised for mobile usage, and to directly target mobile users. Accessible anywhere … and at any time!


How does it work?

Email marketing is an internet marketing campaign for online marketing via websites, social media, blogs, and specific Ad Groups. The good thing is, you can send via electronic mail – all at your fingertips.



The greatest advantage of email marketing is affordability, outreach potential, plus it’s user-friendly. Email marketing is easy to setup, plus you can track your marketing campaign – excellent for small businesses – without the big budget ticket.



No, it's not spam!

Spam is the use of email lists (or many), that sends repeated emails – how annoying, right? A well tailored, personalised email campaign is developed using an opt-in (permission-based marketing).

Relevant Content

From newsletters to company updates that are relevant to your customers who have opted to receive. This may include upcoming events and specials which remind customers that your business is there and you have a valuable service to offer.


H O W   I T   W O R K S !


No.1 Advantage

Email Marketing reaches more people + more people are likely to see an email than social media. Posts often don’t show in your clients’ target social streams. Email on the other hand sits in the inbox until the user decides to read . delete . file – or action.


Schedule your campaign

Create a schedule that aligns with company and seasonal campaigns. Remember, less is more – daily is just annoying!

An Excellent Pairing

Combine with social media – ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ to give your marketing emails an additional connectivity to your brand and company. Include positive reviews, links to social media and encourage people to subscribe for more.


Be Creative

Don’t just send out ‘Buy’ emails.  Rather, keep your clients informed, updated and in the loop. Offer them inspirational tips, advice and what’s hot.

Tips for your Campaign

Build your own list specific to your target audience, avoid buying lists (spam). Unsolicited mail is an instant turn-off. Allow people the option to opt-in or opt-out. Adhere to CAM-SPAM Act (unsubscribe).

Clear Cost Advantage

It is so affordable, and you can manage it yourself. I can assist by setting it all up for you.  Call me anytime for a friendly chat over the phone.